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Who are we ?
We have been operating three centres in the Principality of Monaco since 2000 which together form a Branch of Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur, a regional credit union that has been part of the local economy for over a century.

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Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur has extensive experience with international clients and customers and provides a comprehensive banking service to both residents and non-residents of the Principality of Monaco :
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- Private individuals : wealth management, lending and loans, payment methods and more…. Blank - BPCA MonacoPrivate & Personal Banking
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- Companies :
account and payments management, international trade, loans and more…Blank - BPCA MonacoCorporate Banking
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We are ideally located at the heart of the Principality, and our three agencies in Sporting d’hiver, Fontvieille and Grimaldi offer our clients and customers a confidential and personal service.

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Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur has more than 1,100 staff and over 81,000 members. It has over 210,000 private, professional and corporate clients.

Our network of over 115 locations across the French départements of Alpes Maritimes, the Var, and the Principality of Monaco provides our clients and customers with functional, practical and accessible centres for advice and banking.

Our specialist Corporate, Wealth Management, Boat Leasing and Property Lending services provide clients and customers with expertise and offer original made-to-measure solutions.

On all the French Riviera, "International Branch BPCA" provides for foreigners and non residents a full range of dedicated services in our international branches.

Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur promotes enterprise and supports sustainable development in co-operation with local and national groups like Secours Catholique that support those in need.

Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur has a responsible citizenship policy, and its head office is fitted with an environmentally-friendly air-conditioning system, and a system for recycling waste. We work hard to help people with disabilities join our company.

Finally, Banque Populaire Côte d'Azur supports cultural, social, economic and sports events, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the regional economy of the Côte d’Azur at every level.

Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur seeks to share its values of solidarity, boldness, performance and care for mankind with its customers and members.

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